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Lisa Rogers

Lisa Rogers

ICN is happy to announce, Lisa Rogers has been selected as the new Assistant Director of Education and Training.  Lisa moves into this new role with the vast experience she gained as an ICN Training Coordinator since 2008.  Former Assistant Director, Beverly Cross, retired in December after 28 years of service since the inception of the Institute. When asked how she feels about her new position, Lisa said, “It’s very hard because I’m excited about my new responsibilities, but I’m also really sad to see her go. I’ve got some big shoes to fill and she will be missed.”

Lisa is taking the reins at a time when new and innovative methods are being implemented to satisfy the mission of the Institute. From beginning to end, the Training Team coordinates all face-to-face training in the USDA regions and territories, as well as on-site at ICN. This includes assignment of trainers, printed materials, working with site contacts, shipping materials direct to the site, and all aspects of facilitating successful on-site trainings. With the implementation of new systems for tracking data and training information, she feels the process is becoming more efficient and will allow more time to do exciting new things.

All of this work is accomplished by a small team of six staff members, including Lisa: 3 Training Coordinators – Margaret Schaff, Sarah Thomas, and Leslie White; 1 Project Administrator – Shanna Barrett; and 1 Materials Management and Shipping Coordinator, Bill Barry. “Although we are a small group, we are busy and productive, and every day is an adventure,” Lisa said.

Leslie, Sarah, Margaret, Bil, Lisa, Shanna

Left to right: Leslie White, Sarah Thomas, Margaret Schaff, Bill Barry, Lisa Rogers, and Shanna Barrett

As Lisa also says, “We look bigger than we are! By utilizing over 150 consultant trainers across the USDA regions, ICN’s outreach spans all 50 states and USDA territories by providing training and resources at no charge to child nutrition professionals in key areas of program management. The experience of ICN’s cadre of trainers enhances what we are already trying to accomplish in our face-to-face trainings.”

On a personal note, Lisa has been married to Jack for 33 years and they have two daughters and a son-in-law who all live in Oxford.

If you are interested in becoming a trainer for ICN, click HERE for the Center for Trainers page.  Click HERE for more info on ICN Face-to-Face Training Topics.  Click HERE to submit a request for training.

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For a list of scheduled, face-to-face trainings, see the ICN Event calendar HERE.

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