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Nutrition 101

This course qualifies for SNA core course certification level 1.

This training provides a basic overview of nutrition with an emphasis on the importance of balance in daily food choices and the inclusion of physical activity as a key component to good health. The training incorporates a variety of learning activities including short physical activity boosters. Lesson topics:

  • Lesson 1: Nutrition is Important to You!
  • Lesson 2: Tools for Guiding Food Choices
  • Lesson 3: Macronutrients: The Energy Nutrients
  • Lesson 4: Micronutrients: Vitamins and Minerals
  • Lesson 5: Special Diets
  • Lesson 6: Putting It All Together
  • Lesson 7: Nutrition Issues in the Media

Financial Management for Managers

Developed for site-based school nutrition managers and supervisors. Provides instruction on relationship of program cost and revenue, standard security practices to protect financial integrity, budget management, increasing productivity and decreasing waste, and staff responsibility for sound financial management practices. Lesson topics:

  • The Menu and Financial Management
  • Food Production Records
  • Forecasting, Batch Cooking, and Portion Control
  • Purchasing and Inventory Controls
  • Food Costs
  • Meal Equivalents
  • Labor Costs
  • Theft and Fraud Prevention
  • Communicating Financial Information