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Inventory Management and Tracking (Inventory Control, Supply Chains, Traceability)

The ability to track food products across the supply chain is at the center of modern inventory management in school nutrition programs. Food safety and security issues have added a need for traceability of food products. This food safety training focuses on the need to trace and track products due to food recalls, foodborne illness, and food security (bioterrorism). Curriculum covers the use of product identifiers – GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) and GS1-128 bar codes – as tracking tools. The goals of this training are to:

  • Identify inventory management best practices
  • Discuss inventory control and supply chains
  • Provide tools for inventory management
  • Introduce traceability and tracking systems
  • Describe incorporation of traceability practices into standard SNP inventory management practices

Utilizing the Cafeteria as a Classroom

The school cafeteria is a valuable venue for school nutrition professionals to assist teachers and parents with encouraging children to make wise food choices that will contribute to a healthy lifestyle. This course provides tools and resources to enhance a school nutrition program that will be recognized as an integral part of the education system. Lessons are designed to reinforce learning objectives by engaging participants in learning activities. Each lesson offers a flexible timeframe of 1-to-1.25 hours. Lesson topics:

  • Marketing Healthy Options
  • Reaching Out to the School Community
  • Communicating with Parents
  • Farm to School and School Garden Programs