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Over the past two months, ICN has launched 16 new online trainings to its eLearning Portal. The current catalog now features a total of 42 courses, with 10 more under development that should be released soon. The new courses launched include:

  • Nutrition 101, 4th Edition
  • The CARE Connection Series
    • Planning Cycle Menus in Child Care
    • Planning Snacks as an Educational Activity
    • Serving Nutritious Foods in Child Care (previously Serving Adequate Foods in Child Care)
    • Step-by-Step Menu Planning in Child Care
  • Family Child Care Fundamentals
  • Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015
  • Evaluating School Wellness Activities
  • Marketing Your School Nutrition Programs
  • Financial Management: A Course for School Nutrition Directors
  • Meal Patterns
  • Norovirus for Schools
  • Meeting the Wellness Challenge
  • School Nutrition Staff – You are a Team
  • Focus on the Customer for School Nutrition Staff
  • Focus on the Customer for School Nutrition Managers

Information about these courses, including course descriptions, USDA Professional Standards Codes, and SNA Key Areas can be found at ICN’s eLearning Portal, www.theicn.org/elearning.

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